(The first of these Spinoffs were by Warrior cats wikia)

Ashfur is a wolf

Ashfur steals Graystripe's cookies

Ashfur has abs

Ashfur lifts a car

Ashfur V.S Some Noob

Ashfur flies a plane

Ashfur freaking farts loudly

Ashfur slaps Brambleclaw

Ashfur has stripes

Ashfur got them curves

Ashfur is normally lazy

Ashfur kills Hollyleaf

Ashfur goes to Russia

Ashfur grows wings

Ashfur is the 5th Doctor

Ashfur turns into a cat Godzilla

Ashfur has some chi

Ashfur plays Robot Unicorn Attack

Ashfur is an owl

Ashfur is now a kittypey

Ashfur goes to the Dark Forest

Ashfur twerks

Ashfur watches Cupcakes

Ashfur is a brony

Ashfur poos out rainbows

Ashfur is yo mama

Ashfur goes to KFC

Ashfur is a Pokemon

Ashfur is alive agian

Ashfur learns Japanese

Ashfur is Weegee

Ashfur plays Portal

Ashfur has the Tardis

Ashfur barfs out his blood

Ashfur tears his own heart out

Ashfur is in your basement,acually,run.

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